Anything Goes Carnival of Politics

By Salty, January 7, 2011 12:00 am

Welcome to the January 7, 2011 edition of the Anything Goes Carnival of Politics.

Current Events

Ian presents U.S. Investigation of Julian Assange — Legal Process or Witch Hunt posted at personalwebreviews, saying, “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange committed the worst possible crime, but it’s not the one that the U.S. government wants to prosecute him for. His most serious offense isn’t the theft or publication of thousands of documents, but the loss of face he has caused for some very powerful people.”

Rick Sincere presents Legislative Redistricting Under Conditions of Divided Government posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts, saying, “For the first time in its history, Virginia will conduct legislative redistricting while the state Senate is controlled by Democrats and the House of Delegates is controlled by Republicans. In the past, one party held a majority in both chambers of the General Assembly. This new experience promises to be interesting.”

Wise Bread presents What QE2 Could Mean For Ordinary Americans posted at Wisebread, saying, “The words “quantitative easing” tend to make the eyes glaze over. But this pending economic maneuver could have a real and significant impact on households nationwide.”

Ian presents KORUS: Good For South Korea, But Who Else? posted at personalwebreviews, saying, “President Obama recently signed the KORUS FTA trade deal with South Korea. The advantages for S. Korea are obvious, but what impact will it have on the U.S. economy, and how will it affect relations with the rest of Asia?”

Janet presents Bye-Bye Penny – Hello Swedish Rounding? posted at Credit Cards Canada, saying, “Canadian politicians are ready to get rid of the penny. Could the U.S. follow this model?”

Mike Murray presents Korea posted at Exploits & Other Musings, saying, “My thoughts on the Korean problems.”

Ian presents The Great WikiLeaks ConspiracyThe Great WikiLeaks Conspiracy posted at personalwebreviews, saying, “To understand how this damaging information made it to Mr. Assante, one only has to look at who had the most to lose, and who the most to gain.”


Mike Murray presents Bad Press better than No Press? posted at Exploits & Other Musings, saying, “Haley Barbour and Sarah Palin are doing themselves no favors this week by speaking. Mr. Barbour has put his foot in his mouth by recollecting that segregation wasn’t that bad where he lived… As for Mrs. Palin, probably the biggest lightning rod for the Republican party since Dan Quayle, another lame windbag who now is resorting to insulting the First Lady…”

Ian presents Look Barry, See Sarah Run posted at personalwebreviews, saying, “Will she or won’t she? Sarah Palin running for President isn’t as far-fetched as her critics would have us believe. It’s more a question of when, than if.”

Jon Chambers presents Follow the Leader (Article) posted at The Mind Of Jon, saying, “For years on end, we as a human race have sought out people to lead us and guide us through troubling times. Even in nature, when you observe a large number of animals traveling together, there is usually a solitary being among them that is leading this anonymous mass. We often times are overly eager to be led.”

Nicholas Strychacz presents The Political Economic Context of the Chinese Interest Rate Increase posted at The Global Penguin, saying, “This post examines the political economic ramifications of China’s recent interest rate increase on China, the Asia-Pacific region, and Sino-American relations. The Global Penguin provides erudite commentary on politics, geopolitics, economics, and finance.”

Down the Middle

Ian presents Homeland Security Threat Level — A Gift For Terrorists? posted at personalwebreviews, saying, “According to The United States Department of Homeland Security, the threat level today is elevated, and high for airlines. In practical terms, who benefits from this information?”

Morgan Schwartz presents Nebraska Compact Avoids Arizona-Style Immigration Law posted at Bob Quasius, saying, “The media furor surrounding the Fremont immigration law has died down, but the battle between legislators and interest groups is not over. Somos Republicans drafted the Nebraska Compact, pledging an alternative to what it sees as racial profiling laws.”

Ian presents Sarah’s Lust for Attention How Low Can She Go? posted at personalwebreviews, saying, “Sarah Palin’s disgraceful photo-op visit to Haitian cholera victims, is a new low, even for this shameless publicity-hound.”

Darwin presents Energy Tax Credit 2011 – Not What It Used to Be posted at Darwin’s Money, saying, “As assessment of what the 2011 Energy Tax Credits look like and whether the incentive is even worth it.”

From the Right

Scott Spiegel presents Federal Judge to ObamaCare Defenders: Nope! posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “On Monday a Virginia federal district court judge ruled that the primary enforcement mechanism of ObamaCare, the Minimum Essential Coverage Provision—also known as the individual mandate—was unconstitutional.”

Sean Hazlett presents Senator Lindsey Graham Shows Uncommon Common Sense and Courage for a Politician posted at Reflections of a Rational Republican, saying, “Applauds Sen. Graham for taking stand on reigning in Social Security and other entitlement spending”

Scott Spiegel presents Rush Deconstructed for the Media Matters Crowd posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “Media Matters regularly collects “controversial” quotes by conservative personalities and displays them on its website. Join me while I deconstruct a sampling of contentiously worded but eminently sensible recent Rush quotes.”

Scott Spiegel presents Top 10 Conservatives of 2010: Part 2 posted at Scott Spiegel.

From the Left

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Intelligence Redesigned posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness, saying, “I didn’t think Republicans could surprise me anymore. But I must confess to being stunned by Rep. Michele “Blabbermouth” Bachmann’s appointment by Boehner to the secretive House Intelligence Committee.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Premature Concession Syndrome — A Remedial Limerick posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.


Scott Spiegel presents Trusting Liberals Is Now Just a Thing of the Past posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “In 2000 the British paper The Independent ran a story with the wistful headline “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.””

Scott Spiegel presents Can We Shut Down the Government Even If We Raise the Debt Ceiling? posted at Scott Spiegel, saying, “In a recent article on the upcoming 112th Congress, the Associated Press warned that gridlock between the Republican House and Democratic Senate might result in a failure to act that “could threaten the nation’s economic health.” Are they kidding? What do they think has been going on for the past two years, when Democrats controlled both chambers and the White House and put us further in debt than the first 100 Congresses combined? Gridlock in Congress is the best prescription for helping our economy recover.”


e.m. cadwaladr presents A Word or Two on Greed posted at e.m. cadwaladr, saying, “A brief argument about the hypocrisy of moralizing about other people’s greed. From a non-conservative! e.m.c.”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Christine O’Donnell: Not A Witch, But Possibly A Jailbird posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.


DRM presents How to Escape The Prison Camp: A Manifesto For Personal Secession posted at Global Freedom Strategies, saying, “Ways to find personal freedom”

DRM presents Choose Your Own Escape Route posted at Global Freedom Strategies, saying, “Strategies for finding personal freedom”

DRM presents A Troublesome Document: Musings on July 4 posted at Global Freedom Strategies, saying, “Discussing the notions of freedom, liberty and equality”

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